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Unfortunately Dibble hasn't visited GR since 9th March, and hasn't responded to either my PM or email. I was hoping to get in just now & find he'd turned up ...but no joy. I hope he's OK. As I don't have time to run the comp along the lines he was going to do, I've made the unilateral decision to run it on the same lines as last year & 2015 - I'm afraid it was either that or no comp at all!


1. Players must play in a minimum of 10 races during the festival. There is no maximum, you can play every race on every day if you wish. NB "Stop at a winner is NOT permitted" in the interests of keeping things as simple as possible.

2. Permitted bets are singles either win or e/w.
Dutching or hedging in any race up to a max of 3 horses per race are both permitted if clearly stated as such, but NOT forecasts, tricasts, or other multis (lord knows it's hard enough to find single winners anyway, so this streamlining could be helpful to our wallets!)

3. Permitted stakes are 1 pt or 2 pt win; 0.5 pt or 1 pt e/w;

4. Results to official SP. Where bookies have taken a 'double result' (fpp and official) that will also be acceptable for the comp. For pure ease of totting up, all returns should be calculated using 1/4 odds for the conventional 2, 3 or 4 placers, no matter if the SP is 1/5th, and excluding any extra bookie place offers. This should also help redress the normally lower prices for SP when in reality a bigger price would have been taken before the off.

5. All players must tot up & show their previous day's P/L before entering any further selections on subsequent days.

6. Each player's selections for each day MUST be posted up by the advertised off-time of the first race they've picked in. eg first day race 1 - 1.30 is OK, 1.31 is not even if the actual start is delayed.

7. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL - do NOT edit your posts after the off-time of your first race, or your selections for that day will be void if you have made any profit. If you have made a loss however, that loss will count and be carried forward (tho I can't believe that anyone on here would go in for deliberate jiggery pokery). Post results and p/l in a supplementary post on your thread.

8. The winner will be the player who has acquired the most virtual ££ over the course of the 4-day Festival.

Open to all - but 'closing date' is Weds 15th, no entries after that. Any questions, or flaws spotted, please let me know! We all make genuine mistakes, so can people please check each others results and +/-, many thanks.

Please keep to your own threads (e.g Ry's Day 1) & post below - thanks all, and GL Thumbs
3.30 Ch'tibello 1pt e/way
4.10 Apple's Jade 2pts win
4.50 Champers On Ice 2pts win
5.30 Two Taffs 2pts win
OK, I can see that my request to "please post below" may have been rather confusing Icon_biggrin

You need to start your own threads please guys n gals - still within this sub-forum.

Chef - feel free to copy your day 1 sels into your own thread; I could then delete the copy I made on your behalf. Thumbs
Art, Slaps, Butcher, Toby & myself need to tot up and post our totals. I'll do mine this eve & post comp results then, I hope!!

Bit held up this a.m. to put it mildly, by having to organise & watch over the felling of 2 big trees threatening to come down across my track, wall & expensive deer-fence, not to mention potentially killing neighbours, in last night's 50mph+ gales!
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