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Full Version: MGF's Jumpy Things
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1.30 BALLYANDY 2pts Win
4.50 A GENIE IN ABOTTLE 2pts Win
5.30 FOXTAIL HILL 2pts Win

Good luck all
First day Blues -8pts

Day 2
1.30 NEON WOLF 2pts win
2.10 ALPHA DE OBEAUX 2pts win
2.50 AUTOMATED 2pts win
4.50 DIVIN BERE 2pts win

Good luck all
Second day Blues - totalling -16pts

day 3
2.10 JURY DUTY 2pts win
2.50 UXIZANDRE 2pts win
4.10 STARCHITECT 2 pts win
4.50 SQUOUATEUR 2 pts win

Good luck all
Third day Blues - totalling -24 pts

1.30 MASTER BLUEYES 2 pts win
2.10 AIR HORSE ONE 2pts win
4.50 NO COMMENT 2pts win
5.30 DANDRIDGE 2pts win

Good luck all, I certainly need it
Marvellous, -32 pts for me Icon_smile Never did like those Jumpy things....bring on the Flat season Easy
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