Group Racers

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1.30 Melon 2pt win
2.50 theatre guide 0.5pt e/w
3.30 footpad 1pt win
4.10 vroom vroom mag2pt win
5.30 captain red beard 1pt win

7pts placed good luck all
easy -7pts
day 2
1.30 Neon Wolf
2.10 Acapella Bourgeois
2.50 Tombstone
3.30 Fox Norton
4.10 Cantlow
4.50 Divin Bere
5.30 Western Ryder

all 2pt wins
day 2 -14

total -21Angry
1.30 Politologue
2.10 Jury Duty
2.50 Empire Of Dirt
3.30 Lil Rockefeller
4.10 Starchitect
4.50 Toe The Line
5.30 Southfield Royale

day 3

p/l -35

propping the league up
day 4

Good luck all:ok

1.30 Ch: Evening Hush
2.10 Ch: Arctic Fire
2.50 Ch: Penhill
3.30 Ch: Champagne West
4.10 Ch: Mendip Express
4.50 Ch: Thomas Campbell
5.30 Ch: Theinval
all 2pt wins
Well done Sundy - storming finish up the Cheltenham Hill front last to first to do me by a head - I think? BRILLIANT!!!
Well played there with arctic fire and penhill

You've probably won
just woke up off a good day on the champers
1.30 Ch: Evening Hush lost
2.10 Ch: Arctic Fire Dessie 20/1 +40pts
2.50 Ch: Penhill Dessie 16/1 +32pts
3.30 Ch: Champagne West lost
4.10 Ch: Mendip Express lost
4.50 Ch: Thomas Campbell lost
5.30 Ch: Theinval lost

+62pts day4

total for chelts +27pts

nice hope Sunderland can do the same Goal

cheers all
Looks like you're the winner - well done!!
I'll try to tot up later but would appreciate any help Icon_biggrin cheers guys Thumbs
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