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Full Version: Butcher big bumptious bets.
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Hello good folks Sunny todays hopefuls will be.

2.50 Holywell 2pts

3.30 Brian power 1pts Wicklow brave 0.5pts e/w

4.10 Briery queen 0.5pts e/w

4.50 Bigbadjohn 0.5pts e/w Tiger roll 0.5pts e/w

5.30 Burtons well 1pt e/w

9pts staked

Dessie Tiger roll 16/1 0.5pts e/w returns 11pts -9pts staked result +2pts

+2 pts
Cracking winner with Tiger Roll Butcher Cup what a remarkable price for such a consistent horse, & trainer in red-hot form!
Day 2 +2pts

2.10 Whisper 1pt

2.50 Tin soldier 1pt Old guard 0.5pts e/w

4.10 Auvergnat 1 pt

4.50 Dreamcatching 0.5 pts e/w Project bluebook 0.5pts e/w

5.30 Carter Mckay 1pt

7 pts staked

Project bluebook 14/1 placed +2.25 -7pts = -4.75pts - +2pts = -2.75pts

Day 3 -2.75PTS

2.10 Presenting percy 1pt

2.50 Empire of dirt 1pt

3.30 Jezki 1pt

4.10 Thomas crapper 1pt Henryville 0.50pts e/w

4.50 Verdana blue 0.50pts e/w

5.30 Squouateur 1pt

7pts staked
Presenting percy 11/1 Cup 1pt =12pts -7 = +5 pts -2.75 =+2.25PTS

Day 4 +2.25pts

1.30 Charli parcs 1pt

2.10 Vosne Romanee 1pt e/w

2.50 Death duty 2pts

3.30 Djakadam 1pts

4.10 On the fringe 1pt sweet as a nut 0.50pts e/w

4.50 Castello Sforza 1pt

5.30 Pair of brown eyes 1pt


10pts staked
Sorry too much Beer yesterday.

Day 4 -10 - 2.25 = 7.75

After 4 days -7.75pts
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