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Full Version: Chelts 2017 Comp Results
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1. SUNDERLAND, a magnificent +27 pts Cup

2. SWEDISH CHEF a superb +23.75pts Sunny

3. RYOR a slightly less glamorous +1.18pts! Icon_biggrin

4. KINO who managed to deny the bookies owt! 0 pts

I've gone only on competitors own tottings up as I haven't had time to check others' +/- myself, apart from Art, Slaps & Toby, who haven't been online for a while.

Art (3 races) and Slaps (6 races) entries were both void - minimum no. of selections for 10 races not met.

All others were in the minus - better luck next year guys! Thumbs Thanks to all who put the time in to enter & check others scores, and well done indeed to Sundy Easy and Chef icon_pidu - it really is a great achievement to make those kind of profits at such a difficult Festival Dessie

Now all I have to do is find a way of moving this sub-forum to the Archive, instead of disappearing it into cyber-space like I did last year! Icon_biggrin
Well done you guys!
Anyone who can show a profit at Cheltenham (or even break even Kino!) deserves a gold star in my book. Well done Sunderland, Swedish Chef, Ryor and Kino.
Congratulations to Sundie and all those in profit.

However my greatest congratulations to RYOR for coming in at the last minute and saving this competition. Thank you boss for all your efforts.
well done sundie and chef and ryor for manage to come out ahead at chelt as its tough and kino for even over the 4 days
Well done all - not the easiest of meetings to find winners
Well done Sunderland Easy

and to all were in the black Icon_smile
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