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I started Group Racers in August 2008 as a trial at another site (which we have now outgrown) in the hope it would be a forum with a difference - simply a place where we could exchange knowledge, experience, information and tips on racing, in a fun and friendly environment, without the distraction of any kids from the playground. In our infancy we were small and private, with a membership totalling just 15.

Success brought confidence, and in July 2009 the members voted to open our doors and go public. Happily, that decision has proved a winner - we quadrupled our membership within four months, have added more since, and it's a pleasure to note that not one member has ever been disruptive since we started**. All of us have experienced the idiotic antics on other racing forums, and many, if not most, of our current members came here to escape it. That isn't to say we don't enjoy banter - the atmos has always been great - but we've been incredibly profitable too, and perhaps the absence of distracting kids has played a part in that. The aim is to continue to mutually benefit in terms of increasing our profits, whilst also sharing the highs and lows of punting in a peaceful and supportive atmosphere.

We will therefore be continuing with the same set of just 7 simple rules which have served us so well. Please note - one strike and you're out, pronto and permanently Toilet

1. No abuse or other playground stuff

2. No spamming

3. No plagiarism

4. No multiple IDs (members may not have more than one username on the site, and all name changes must be cleared with me first).

5. No member is permitted to own, run, manage or work for any sports-related subscription tipping service outside of GR. Exceptions may be made where these are for purely charitable purposes, but members must clear this with me first.

6. Members are of course free to circulate their own tips/info etc wherever they wish, but that of other members must not be given or posted elsewhere by anyone else.

7. All new members who visit the site 5 times or more in their first 2 months, must make at least 5 posts within those two months, otherwise their membership will be permanently cancelled. The posts do not have to be tips, but can be congrats, weather or going reports, ideas for systems, good wishes for other members' selections etc. Thereafter, any
members who browse the site regularly will be expected to keep contributing regularly with their own posts on a similarly proportionate basis.

The thinking behind this is simply that many members put in several hours daily to come up with their stats, selections etc for the free benefit of anyone reading them, whilst others were to be seen surfing the board several times weekly but contributing nothing, not even giving a word of praise or thanks for the profits they were surely making from the tipsters putting the work in. This board is only in existence because of members who POST.

If any members have personal circumstances which mean they are unable to post for a lengthy period, they should let me know by PM or email, and they will be individually considered. Two members have done this in the past, and were exempted.

I am always open to ideas and suggestions for improvements Thumbs

Ryor/Yeats (Red Rum on old site)
Edit note - message updated 17/10/10

Update 13/3/10 - A note re my name changes:-

I think most people here knew that my name was Ryor on another board, but that I ditched it for 'RedRum' when starting Group Racers, in order not to leave a Google-able trail for the playground lot.

When we moved house to here from our old GR site, I changed to Yeats - but must say I've never felt at home with that, nor did I want to return to RedRum.
Therefore I've gone back to my original name, Ryor. I think we're strong enough now, 18 months on, to shrug off any unwanted attentions from the playground kids Icon_smile

**Update 26/9/13 There have actually now been two, both given the boot - one for deliberately insulting another member and refusing to apologise; one for spamming a fee-charging tipping "service". Plus one banned for multi-ID-ing. However, 3 in 5 years doesn't seem too bad a record!
***Further update 1/2/14 - 4 in 5 years now, another fee-paying tipping "service" miscreant
New site new name.going to take an old bugger like me some getting used to.Cheers RR sorry,Yeats.[Image: bestwishes.gif] to the new site
s'allright Mountie lol Icon_biggrin and cheers Thumbs
Well seems a good place to say im glad to be here.
Some of you might know me, others not so.

First thing is that im Portuguese, so english is not my native language. Because of that a preemtive apologie for any misspelling and odly looking writing.
Im also a person that bets for fun only, with a job (Pharmacist), only started horse betting 1 year ago, so im still a baby compared to most. Just hope i some day can get near to some of the punting ive seen in the past. Althought time constraints will probably stop me from it.

Thx for letting me in, seems like a nice place.
Best of wishes to everyone.Angel
Hi allDessie
TBR and Blue_County - (think I've already said this to Opti Icon_biggrin) - GREAT to see you here, you are most welcome Thumbs
(19-02-2010 01:11 AM)Yeats Wrote: [ -> ]TBR and Blue_County - (think I've already said this to Opti Icon_biggrin) - GREAT to see you here, you are most welcome Thumbs
thanks,a welcome break..the other place is going mad..i want to become a mod for a day and wipe em all out
We are all getting that felling TBR, and we feel like wise in every word.
But i still mantain, as im shure you too, a great deal of respect for many of the posters there.

Welcome TBR, cant wait to post in your punting here :)
Also welcome BC.

And yes yeats, you already told me... Remybussi
[/font]Hi all, I am new today to the site and the good thing about no racing today is that I have spent the last 3 hours or so reading through past postings. Would just like to say the site looks great and easy to navigate and the tipping looks to have been amazing and I can't wait to get started. Not a big tipster myself but I get the odd winner. Hope the winnings continue.
Cheers Gaz.
A warm welcome to you Gazcam, and many thanks for your kind comments - always good to get the views of those who are seeing the place through fresh pairs of eyes, and I'm happy it comes across so positively.
Hope you enjoy it for a long time to come Thumbs
Goodam they let anyone in these days......

Icon_biggrin Welcome in ST!icon_pidu
yeah, we let you in Opti Icon_winkIcon_biggrin

welcome aboard $$, good to see you here Thumbs
Site looks good Ryor!

Well it's good to find a racing forum with no idiots my first post so hello everyone. The site looks very good and lots of good names I recognise from over the years.

Hi, joined yesterday and i like what i see, i am an old failed gambler who is mainly housebound through ill health. I enjoy a bet and love my footie ( Everton) I'm afraid i can't give you any info but will try to input a bit of banter. Thanks for having me. Thumbs
great to see so many new members posting straight away - glad to have you all aboard and enjoying the site. "Info" isn't a requirement - well not yet anyway Icon_wink ha ha only kiddin!


Hi folks , lookin good Thumbs
A warm welcome to all the new members since i was away!
Hello everyone. I started to bet on horse races four years ago, now it is my favorite hobby.

This site looks very good!

Hope you enjoy it Mmax Cup
Hi all, im new here looks a great site Icon_biggrin will be contributing to horse racing discussion,

cheers Shotgun, Valuestar, Mmax and MoleMan, good to see you here and thanks for the positive feedback Thumbs

Welcome aboard Cheers Sunny


Hi everyone,

I hope to contribute to the forum as often as i can with the 1 aim we are all here, to make a profit however small icon_pidu
Profit is profit, welcome in Pauluk!
gee - this place just gets classier and classier - another warm welcome, this time to djdisturbance - good to see ya here DJ Thumbs icon_pidu
Hello Gang!

A few of you will know me from the other place. I don't pick many winners. Most of mine come second either because the jockey loses his irons [Sam Cruise @22/1 Pullhair] or the horse's nose isn't long enough [Red Somerset @40/1 Wall].

But I spent a long time last year with spreadsheets trying out staking plans and betting methods and I uncovered some interesting stuff.

I'm a stickler for keeping discipline and encourage everybody on the forum to talk to us if they ever feel they may be losing theirs.

I hope I can contribute to the morale of the forum and find a few placers!

Morning Bube, all the best. Happy posting!!!
cheers Bube, good to see ya here Thumbs
Welcome Bube, and im shure youll be finding more than placers here Thumbs
OMG I've finally succombed to dementia and let a Canary in ...welcome Philcanary, don't spend too much time preening your yellow and green feathers cos you'll be sliding back down the table come Christmas time as per usual Thumbs Remybussi
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