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Full Version: Prem ELO selections
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I thought I'd revive the Premiership ELO ratings as guidance for Home Away or Draw selections. The odds available are usually not very good but the high strike rate should compensate.

Since 21/2/2019 the results are:

Predicted Correct % Min Odds
Home 79 58 73.4% 1.36
Away 41 31 75.6% 1.32
Draw 83 26 31.3% 3.19

Don't back below minimum odds. I'll only post matches with an HAD selection.
15/02/20 Norwich Liverpool Away win
17/02/20 Chelsea Man Utd Draw
Thanks Kino
19/02/20 Man City West Ham Home win

No great surprise - poor odds won't be worth it.
22/02/20 Chelsea Tottenham Draw
22/02/20 Burnley Bournemouth Draw
22/02/20 Crystal Palace Newcastle Draw
22/02/20 Sheffield Utd Brighton Draw
22/02/20 Leicester Man City Away
23/02/20 Man Utd Watford Home
23/02/20 Arsenal Everton Draw
24/02/20 Liverpool West Ham Home
29/02/20 Brighton Crystal Palace Draw
29/02/20 Newcastle Burnley Draw
29/02/20 West Ham Southampton Draw
29/02/20 Watford Liverpool Away
07/03/20 Liverpool Bournemouth Home
07/03/20 Crystal Palace Watford Draw
07/03/20 Southampton Newcastle Draw
07/03/20 Wolves Brighton Draw
08/03/20 Man Utd Man City Away
09/03/20 Leicester Aston Villa Home
11/03/20 Man City Arsenal Home
14/03/20 Man City Burnley Home
14/03/20 Newcastle Sheffield Utd Draw
15/03/20 West Ham Wolves Draw
15/03/20 Tottenham Man Utd Draw
16/03/20 Everton Liverpool Away
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