Group Racers

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kino.......... 34 CupCupCupCup
slaps .........22.45 (EDITED POST just put his total in by mistake disqualified)
sunderland...... 18
gazcam....... 9.5
top cat...... 6.63
philcarny..... 5.25
callcliffj...... 3.27
tezza....... -1
clocker...... -2.74
ryor.......... -4.42
bigdave..... -7.9
red dog...... -15
davidw...... -15.44
honcho..... -17
butcher..... -22.38
swedish chef.... -29.07
kmarrit..... -30.63

fantastic kino BeerBeerBeer right up till the last race Dessie

CONGRATS CupCupBeerBeerDessieEasyEasy
Very many congratulations to you KINO.

SUNDY thank you for running the competition which has been a great success. I am sure your efforts and RYOR'S are greatly appreciated by everyone who took part in this excellent,fun competition.

I am off to see the rugby now. Dewch ymlaen Cymru ( Come on Wales).

Well done!! Kino EasyThumbsCup

Thanks for running it Sundy icon_pray
well done kino

excellent results

also well done anyone on the plus side

BIG thanks to SUNDY for running the comp.
Absolutely brilliant KINO, congrats, so hard to get ANY winners at this fest icon_pray Cup You get Mark's 2 tickets to Wetherby also, perhaps you could PM each other to arrange. Pls let us know if you're unable to take up, and they can go to runner-up SUNDY Easy to whom also big congrats and even bigger thanks for taking so much time and effort to run the comp, very much appreciated Remybussi

Well done also to 3rd place GAZCAM Thumbs and all who ended in profit, which is no mean feat.

Commiserations to Slaps - you're not the first, and probably won't be the last to make that error - but well done anyway Thumbs
Thanks guys. It was all down to the last couple of furlongs and a quick burst of speed past the finishing line.
Well done and a good effort from all others who participated.

Well done Kino, great tipping! CupBeer
Kudos to all who showed profits as it is a tough meeting.
Big thanks to Sunderland for running and scoring the comp.
Well done Kino and to all that ended up in profit, Especially that new member Philcarny Wall
Well done Kino,great tips....anybody would have thought it was your birthdayIcon_winkIcon_wink

Thanks to Sunderland for running the comp. and doing the housework...good job WD.

(14-03-2015 10:58 AM)Philcanary Wrote: [ -> ]Well done Kino and to all that ended up in profit, Especially that new member Philcarny Wall

oops not again lol
well done Kino top class and all who made profit thanks sundy for running the comp and doing a great job
Well done Kino, Top Tipping.
Thanks to all involved in running the comp.

Brilliant Kino. Cup Great tipping. Hope you backed them yourself.

Massive thanks to Sunderland Thumbs who worked out the returns for me and many others most days.

I bet on all of mine and did a little better thanks to extra places offered by Bet365. Just wish I'd backed Kino's instead! Icon_smile
Congratulations Kino, well done !
VWD Kino

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