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Full Version: Please post your selections here, every competitor creating their own thread.
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1. Each competitor must play on 3, 4 or 5 days of the festival.

2. On each day that they play, competitors must stake a total of 3 points - 1 pt each on a nap and next best, plus a 1 pt double of those two. Each point can be either win or 0.5pt each way. Two different races, not forecasts.

3. Results to SP, all places 1/4 odds for ease of totting up.

4. No entry deadline as long as selections are posted by the advertised off-time of your first pick's race (no matter what delay there might be to the actual start).

4. All competitors must tot up their P/L before entering the next day's selections.

5. Most profitable tipster wins! Dessie

Good luck all Thumbs
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