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Full Version: Ryor's Rags
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3.05 BURATINO (nb)

0.5pt e/w on all 3 bets.

GL All Thumbs
Buratino won y'day @ 6/1 SP2 (e/w), t'other lost, giving net profit after -2pts of +1.75pt

2.30 BOSSY GUEST 0.5pt e/w ((nb)
4.20 WESTERN HYMN 0.5pt e/w (NAP)

0.5pt e/w dble

GL all Thumbs
That's *SP* yesterday, not SP2!!

Both sels placed 3rd @ 8/1 SP, +0.5pt net each
E/w dble place result + 3.5pt net

Tot net profit today +4.5pt
+1.75pt from yeterday

CF +6.25pts
well done today Ryor
Cheers Dibs.

Looks desperately tricky today.


0.5pt e/w singles & dble.
GL all Thumbs
Sorry, Waterloo Bridge nb
Peacock NAP
Waterloo Bridge won 12/1 SP +7.5pts net
Peacock 2nd 5/1 SP +0.13pt net

E/w dble @ SP prices paid +3.5pts net
+11.13pts on the day

CF +17.38

Would appreciate if someone could please check, as not sure how 8/1+8/1 place doubles yesterday (16/2) could produce same 3.5pt net profit as 12/1+5/1 place doubles today? (17/2) given by Oddschecker bet calculator ...
Fri, day 4

3.40 LIMATO (nb)

0.5pt e/w on all 3 bets.

GL all Thumbs
Just the one placer yesterday, Limato @ 9/2 SP +0.06
-2 pts on others = -1.94pts on the day

Sat Day 5
2.30 Sixth Sense
5.35 Oriental Fox

0.5pts e/w on all 3 bets
GL All Thumbs
Sorry, forgot to specify which is nb and which nap - tho there's no weighting so doesn't really matter unless people are wanting to follow - but because of jockey's form & experience, Oriental Fox in the 5.35 would be my nap.

Sixth Sense just placed 3rd at 12/1 SP
CF from first 4 days +15.44

Sat, Day 5
Sixth Sense 3rd @ 12/1 SP (net profit +1)
Oriental Fox won 4/1 SP (net profit +2.5)

E/w dble in (+3 net)

Final tally
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